Diet Of Pet Lovebirds

Lovebirds are popular pets because they can easily form strong bonds with their owner or with another lovebird. In order to ensure the health and well-being of these pets, owners should learn as much as they can about them in order to meet their basic needs. 

The staple diet of lovebirds is composed of various types of seeds and nuts. If you are giving a seed and nut mix to your feathered pet, it is recommended that you keep a close eye on what they prefer eating. 

Like people, they can also have specific dietary preferences. A seed and mix preparation should be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables because these are important sources of additional nutrients and fiber. You can also make treats by soaking overnight some of the bird’s favorite seeds. But always remember that there are foods that can should not be given because they are extremely toxic to pet birds. Some common examples are apple seeds and rhubarb leaves. 

Your pet’s diet is an important concern that you should discuss with your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian


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