Tips To Introduce A New Scratching Post To Your Cat

Cats can be suspicious of anything strange and new. Even if scratching is an instinctive behavior, your cat may still find a new scratching post intimidating. To entice him to check out the new post, try rubbing some catnip on it. Be sure that the post is in a room where the cat loves to stay most of the day. You can also play with your kitty around the post since cats tend to feel the urge to scratch while playing. There are also owners who get down on all fours and scratch the post because cats are keen observers and may follow what their owners are doing. 

If your attempts appear to be unsuccessful, perhaps your furball prefers a different material covering the scratching post. There are many types of covers to choose from like sisal, carpet textile, or a scratching pad made of corrugated cardboard. Scratching posts may also be placed horizontally or vertically. 

Have your cat check regularly by your Ellicott City, MD vet.


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