Ways To Encourage Your Kitty To Use The Litter Box

If your kitty suddenly stops using the litter box and does his business somewhere inappropriate, take steps to identify the cause of your pet’s behavior.

Here are some important reasons for litter box avoidance:

l Some cats hate scented litter. If you have a new kitten, it is highly recommended to use the same litter he has been using in his previous home. However, if your kitty has been using the litter box in the past and suddenly stopped using it, try switching to a clumping litter that is fine-grained and unscented,. 

l Cats hate change, and this fussiness extends to the type and brand of litter in their litter boxes. It is best to use the same litter consistently, however if for some reason the product is hard to find, you can gradually switch to a new one with more or less the same quality and texture.

l Cats like to do their thing in private, so it is best to place the litter box in areas with low household traffic; and also away from any household appliances that might scare your pet. 

Bring your cat to your veterinarians Columbia, MD for regular checkups. 


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