Training Essentials For Kittens

Proper training is necessary for kittens so they will learn to distinguish behaviors that are acceptable and not. Most methods that are used in puppy training can also be used in training cats. An indispensable adjunct to training is positive reinforcement. Always be quick to offer treats, belly rubs, etc. to reinforce desired behavior. This can help make training sessions a positive learning experience for your furball. If your pet seems to love stretching your patience, always remember that punishment does not have any place in pet training. It will only cause your pet to fear you and this can certainly interfere in the learning process. Desired behavior should be rewarded to encourage consistency. Take note, however, that cats can be picky when it comes to food rewards, so make sure to get your furball’s favorite treats. 

Know more about your pet’s training needs on your pet’s next visit to your animal hospital Forest Hill, MD. 


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