Travel Safely Tips When Taking Road Trips With Your Pet

Here are some tips to remember to ensure a hassle-free trip when traveling with pets. 

  • The safest place to keep your dog safe while traveling is inside a crate. Make sure the crate is anchored securely. Some pet owners use a doggie seat belt to restrain their pet and prevent the dog from distracting the driver. 
  • Pets should NEVER be allowed to stay in the front seat. In case of an accident, the pet can be injured when an airbag is deployed. 
  • Keep the windows up and closed. A dog that sticks his head outside the car window can be hit by flying debris. Dogs have gotten sick as a result of cold air being forced into the lungs when the are allowed to stick their head outside the window while riding a car. 
  • Pets should never be allowed to ride in the bed of an open pickup truck.
  • Know when and where to stop so your pet can exercise and do his business. Be sure to keep you pet on a leash when you take him outside the car. 

Ask your veterinarian Jacksonville, FL for more helpful tips on keeping your dog safe and happy on your next road trip.


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