Help Your Fat Kitty Fight The Bulge

Many people find overweight or obese cats cute and adorable. However, the extra pounds can have a bad effect on the cat’s health and well-being. Here are some tips to help your pet get rid of the excess weight:

l Give pet food that is appropriate for the lifestage that your pet is in. Cats are obligate carnivores thus meat should always be one of the top ingredients. 

l Compared to kibbles, wet or canned pet food is formulated with less amount of fillers and contains more water. Less filler means better quality food. 

l Avoid ‘free-feeding’ or refilling your pet’s food bowl each time it’s empty. Keep a tight rein on his calorie intake. And give smaller meals than one big meal by dividing his daily ration into several small meals given in regular intervals throughout the day.

Know more about your pet’s nutritional needs by asking your Las Vegas, NV veterinarian


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