My Cat Swallowed Yarn

Contrary to popular belief, yarn can be very dangerous for cats especially kittens. If you think your cat or kitten has swallowed yarn, call your vet immediately. Yarn has been known to get stuck in a cat’s throat causing them to choke. Yarn has also been known to get trapped in a cat’s stomach causing all sorts of stomach upset and digestive problems. It usually requires surgery for removal. In extreme cases, yarn can become stuck in the intestines causing your cat to become very sick and refuse to eat or drink. Fluids are needed immediately. An x-ray or ultrasound is often required to determine if something is stuck in the intestines. Surgery is almost always required to remove the yarn or other type of object. If you think your cat or kitten has swallowed yarn or is showing signs of choking on something un-edible, call your Westminster, MD veterinarian right away.

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