Fleas-y Facts

If you have dogs around, fleas are not far behind. Fleas are among the most common parasites that affect cats and dogs, and sometimes ferrets, too. Here are some amazing facts about fleas that you may not know yet:

l Fleas have been around for a very, very long time, that is more than 165 million years. In fact, experts have discovered flea fossils that date back to the Mesozoic era.  

l A mature female flea is capable of laying about  20 eggs a day. Half of the eggs laid will hatch as females. If you do your math, each female flea can produce more than 20,ooo fleas within a span of 60 days. 

l Fleas are able to jump 110 times the length of the bodies, making it easier for them to jump from one animal host to the next, and even to humans.

Your Las Vegas, NV vet can help formulate a program to combat fleas and protect your pet from the harmful effects of these parasites. 


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