Common Scratch Deterrents For Cats

If you have a problem with your cat’s scratching behavior, you should take steps to discourage him from scratching on furniture, the carpet, and other surfaces that should be off-limits to your pet. In addition to installing ‘legal’ scratching surfaces such as scratching posts or pads. An easy way to keep your cats from scratching prized furniture and other surfaces is to use deterrents. Some of the most common deterrents that you can use include:

Double-sided tape

Place double-sided tape on surfaces that you don’t want your cat to scratch. Cats hate the sticky feeling on their paws. 

Bubble wrap 

Cats hate the feel of the plastic bubble wrap when they try scratching on the surface. 

Rubber Nubs

Place a runner on any surface where your kitty loves to run his claws. The rubber nubs are uncomfortable to a cat’s paws. 

An indoor cat can still suffer from potential health problems thus regular checkups with your pet clinic Jacksonville, FL is recommended.


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