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Affectionate Felines – Color Point Shorthair

If you’re looking for an affectionate feline to bring home as a companion and friend then take a look at the Color Point Shorthair cat. This breed is described as an affectionate and loyal feline breed. They Color Point enjoy interacting with people and are loyal to its owner. The breed tends to seek out warm comfortable places to lounge and this includes any open lap available. The Color Point has a nurturing disposition and seems to understand or at least sense its owner mood and offers to console or cheer up through cuddling and talking. Like the Siamese cat, the Color Point Shorthair is extremely talkative. He wants your attention as much as you want his and if you aren’t giving him time, he will follow you around the house talking or meowing until you stop to listen. If this sounds like the cat for you, talk with your veterinarians Aurora CO to learn more.


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