Removing Tear Stains in Dogs

Did you know that tear stains in dogs are caused by the growth of bacteria and fungi (red yeast) in the hairs near the dog’s eyes? Stubborn tear stains are often a challenge to remove. Red yeast gives tear stains the characteristic reddish-brown color and the musty odor. 

Even with regular cleaning, tear stains continue to form and the best way to get rid of the stains is to identify what is causing it so the problem can be treated. Some common causes include infected tear ducts, and the presence of an extra set of lashes that can irritate the eyes, causing excess tearing. 

As a temporary solution, washing your pet’s face with soap and water can remove the stain and the distinct smell. When washing your cat’s face, avoid getting shampoo into his eyes for this can only lead to further irritation and tearing. Blow-dry (set on cool to warm setting) the area to dry the hairs. 

Bringing your dog to your Las Vegas, NV veterinarian can help address this problem. 


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