Can You Have a Rooster with Laying Hens?

Yes, you can have a rooster in the midst of your laying hens. This will not affect egg production, but it may give reason to hunt for the eggs and collect them sooner. Roosters in the hen house can create chaos especially if there is more than one rooster. The roosters will fight to determine the dominant one. Then the rooster will often mate with the hens. This does not affect the eggs that you collect each day. In fact, the eggs you collect may be fertilized or unfertilized. You can eat either one. In fact, it takes around 21 days for an egg to hatch under the right condition. Right conditions include the hen laying on the eggs and providing them the right amount of incubation time. If you collect the eggs right away or within that 21 day window then they are perfectly fine to eat. For more information, talk with your Mt. Airy, MD veterinarian. Or click this website Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic


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