Obese Pets Have Higher Risks Of Developing Serious Health Issues

Dog obesity has become an epidemic in the US. In fact, more than half of the dog population in the country is considered overweight or obese; this is also true for pet cats. If your pet cat or dog is carrying excess pounds you should work with your veterinarian in helping your pet lose weight. 

Obese or overweight pets actually have an average lifespan of 2.5 years less than the lifespan of cats that maintain healthy weights. It can also increase your pet’s risk to serious medical problems like hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, kidney and heart disease, and various forms of cancer just to name a few. Thus, you should think twice about overindulging your pet with pet food and treats. 

The extra weight puts more load on the weight-supporting joints of the dog’s body which can cause premature degradation of the cartilage and bones in the joints. This can eventually pave the way for painful arthritis making it hard for your canine buddy unable to get around. Obese cats also have reduced flexibility making grooming certain parts of their body a challenge. 

Weight management of pets is an important issue that you can talk over with your vet Jacksonville, FL.


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