Tips To Deal With Your Dog's Gassiness

Like humans, a dog’s body produces gas as a by-product of the digestive process. It is actually a normal physiological phenomenon. Release of gases every now and then can be no problem, but excessive flatulence can be particularly unpleasant for pet owners. If it is a persistent occurrence, a visit to your vet may help establish the cause of your pet’s gassiness. If given clean bill of health, here are some ways that have been proven to help ease excessive gassiness in dogs:

Change in diet

Switch your pet to a premium quality diet. Poor quality pet food tend to contain lots o ffillers and by-products that can increase gas production during digestion. 

Supplement With Probiotics

Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that can boost the efficiency of the digestive tract function. Your veterinarian can recommend a good quality probiotic that you can give to your dog. 

Prevent your pet from wolfing down food

Guzzling food can also increase intake of air into the gastrointestinal tract. One way to prevent this is to use a type of food bowl that is specially designed for this purpose. You can also choose to feed several small meals throughout the day. 

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