How To Choose The Best Cat Tree For Your Furball

When picking out a cat tree for your pet cat, always keep in mind that cats love having plenty of access of vertical spaces inside the home. One way to achieve this is to provide cat trees so your pet will have enough opportunities to climb, perch, exercise, and even keep their claws well-trimmed. 

Here are some important points to remember when buying a cat tree:

Check the base of the cat tree. It should be stable so it won’t topple down easily when your pet is climbing or perched on top. 

Choose a tree that can ably support a fully grown cat. Depending on the breed, cats can weight between 7-20 pounds. 

A multi-level cat tree is ideal because there are various surfaces for sitting, snoozing, or even scratching. 

If your cat appears to ignore the tree, entice him to come and check it out by rubbing some catnip and/or hanging his favorite toys on the tree.

For more information about your cat's needs visit your vet Riverbend, ON.


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