Safety Precautions When Using Anti-Flea Products

Dogs and cats get fleas at one time or another. Since there are so many anti-flea products that are available, it is recommended that you should do your research before buying one to be used on your pet. Also, the product that you select must be indicate for your pet’s species. Take note that a product that is labeled for use dogs should NEVER be used on cats, even in tiny amounts, for these can be harmful to them. 

Products with organophosphates as one of the active ingredients should be used with care especially if you have pet cats. Cats are extremely sensitive to organophosphates. Some flea products that contain organophosphates and are used on cats contain only very small concentrations of the toxic ingredient.  A cat that gets exposed to products that contain ingredients that are toxic to them may display symptoms of toxicity within a few hours. Common toxicity symptoms include drooling, heavy breathing, weakness, lethargy, and convulsions. Prompt and proper treatment by your vet services Aurora, CO can increase your cat’s chances of survival.


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