Does Your Dog Lack Self-Confidence?

The self-confidence of a puppy starts to build up during socialization, thus the process should start as early as possible, even while puppies are still with their mother and litter mates. During the period of socialization, a puppy is exposed to different sights, scents, sounds, textures, people, animals, and everything that he will encounter later in life. Without socialization, a puppy won’t have enough self-confidence to adjust to new situations as he grows into adulthood.  A puppy that lacks self-confidence may stoop, hide, or pee when meeting something strange or unfamiliar. 

A shy and timid puppy can develop self-confidence with proper retraining.  He will benefit from having more exposure to various sights and sounds so he won’t be afraid when brought to a strange environment or when meeting new people or other pets.

Aside from socialization, bringing your pet to your vet clinic Aurora, CO for regular checkups will ensure that your puppy will grow up healthy and well-behaved.


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