How to Keep Your Dog From Eliminating In His Crate?

There are 2 common reasons why a dog soils his crate. First, the crate is big enough to allow the dog to have a potty area that is a considerable distance from where he sleeps or eats. Second, the bedding inside the crate may be very absorbent, quickly wicking waste and moisture away. 

If your dog’s crate is too large, install a barrier to block off any excess space. There are also adjustable carriers that can be used in puppies until they become full-grown adults. When adjusting the space of the crate, be sure it is  big enough to allow your puppy to stand up, turn around, and stretch out. 

If the crate’s bedding seems to be the problem, replace it with something else that is made of another type of material. Or you can remove it and see if the dog keeps his crate clean for about a week. If he does, you can reward him with a thin bedding for about a week, then if there are no potty accidents inside the crate, you can place a better type of bedding. 

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