Pampering your Bourke

Did you know that pampering your Bourke is part of the overall health and wellness? You can pamper your Bourke in a number of ways including in how you socialize with him. Hand feeding your Bourke is a great way to pamper your bird and build a bond and friendship with him. Holding your bird daily and stroking him on the head is also a way to pamper your bird and make him feel loved. Providing your Bourke with the opportunity to get out of his cage and explore in a safe, supervised area of your home is a great way to help him exercise and make him feel spoiled. It’s important to pamper your Bourke and give him lots of attention to build a stronger bond and to encourage him to interact with you and others in a safe way. For more tips on pampering your Bourke, call your vet Cherry Hill, NJ.


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