Dental Exams for Cats Like the Korat

Does your Korat or other feline friend need a dental exam? If you’re not sure, talk with your vet. Most wellness exams will include a quick check of a cat’s teeth and gums. This is often when your vet will recommend additional dental treatment such as a full exam or a general teeth cleaning. If your cat has difficultly chewing or has developed extremely bad breath, notify your vet as these could be signs of gum disease like gingivitis. A full dental exam may involve placing your cat under anesthesia. Once your cat is asleep, your vet will be able to check the teeth and gums thoroughly as well as clean the teeth by scraping and removing plaque, bacteria, and calculus buildup. During this exam, your vet may also pull any decaying teeth. Additional professional cleanings may be recommended on a yearly or every six month basis. Talk with your London, ON veterinarian to learn more.


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