Heat In Cats

In female cats, heat or estrus period usually lasts for about 5-10 days. However, if a female cat was not able to find a mate and become pregnant, she will likely experience heat again within three weeks or so. The estrus cycle can only be stopped if female cats are spayed. Female cats that are in heat can be a nuisance for the entire neighborhood. In addition to persistent meowing, she will try to find ways to get out of the house in search of male cats. You may also find a crowd of male cats on your doorstep fighting and meowing to get the attention of the female cat. Experts recommend that female cats be spayed before they enter puberty, that is before their first heat. 

Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that female cats should experience  one heat cycle or even give birth to one litter before they can be spayed. In addition to avoiding the birth of unwanted kittens, early spaying protects female cats from serious health issues that can affect their reproductive system. 

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