Training Your Parakeet to Step Up on Your Finger

Training your parakeet to step up on your finger gives you a way to move him in and out of his cage. It also develops a relationship of trust. Before starting your training, ensure that your parakeet is comfortable with you. Sing or talk to him softly. Drape your hand into the cage for exploration. You can even try to hand feed him. To train your parakeet, use a extra perch and push it up against and parallel to his abdomen just above the feet. Say the UP command. Press firmly and your bird will step up on the perch. Practice this often and then try with your finger on top of the perch so he ends up on your finger. Eventually you’ll be able to get your parakeet to step up on your finger alone. Eventually this will become the standard for handling your parakeet. For more information, contact your veterinarian Pasadena, MD.


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