Treatment for Gingivitis in Border Collies

If your Border Collie has been diagnosed with gingivitis, make sure you talk with your vet in depth to learn what you can do to treat the gum disease and help your pup feel better. Studies show that more than 80% of pets three years and older will develop some sort of gingivitis. This means your pup needs to have his teeth cleaned regularly to prevent excessive tartar and plaque buildup, which are leading causes of gingivitis. Besides routine teeth cleanings, your dog may also need a change in diet to help treat gingivitis. For instance, feeding your dog hard morsel kibble for meals can help naturally break down tartar and plaque buildup. Moist foods are OK to feed, but they should be alternated with hard food. Brushing your Collie’s teeth at home on a routine basis can also help treat and prevent gingivitis. For other treatment plans, talk with your Baycrest Animal Clinic.


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