Treating Hypothyroidism in Dogs

If your dog has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, talk with your vet more in depth to learn about the disease, it’s causes, symptoms, and ways to treat or manage it. Often times the disease can be managed through medications or hormone therapies via injections or medications through an IV. Changes in diet and exercise can also help alleviate symptoms. Treatment prescribed will depend a lot on the causes of the hypothyroidism. For instance, genetics can cause the illness as can surgery, trauma, injury, medication side effects and even different cancers. When the main cause for the illness is found then a specific treatment can be given for that cause. In some cases hypothyroidism can be alleviated completely. Because hypothyroidism causes the metabolism to slow down, many treatments are aimed at correcting this and restoring the dog’s natural balance of hormones produced in the thyroid. For more information, consult with your veterinarian Brampton, ON. For more details click here.


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