The Malinois is a People Dog but not a Family Dog

You may have heard of the Malinois. This dog is of Belgian breed and has been referred to as the Mal or Belgian Shepherd. It’s known for its muscular yet slender build and extremely active and lively personality. The Malinois is also known for his strong bond with people and his love for playing around and goofing off. The breed originated as a herding dog, but has been mostly used as a protector. Although he can develop a uniquely strong bond with people, it is not the best breed for families unless the family is familiar with the breed. Why? The Malinois needs consistent training and constant exercise. If he doesn’t have a job he may become destructive. In addition, the breed can be overly playful especially with younger children. The Malinois can serve as a superior protector and guard dog, but would need constant supervision if with children. For more information, talk with your Fayetteville, NC veterinarian.


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