Traveling with your Horse

Horses travel for a variety of reasons. Horses travel to and from horse shows, to and from barns for boarding, and even relocate across country with their owners. If you are traveling with your horse, you should make sure to have the following items with you and your horse at all times. First, when you load your horse in the trailer for travel, ensure he has enough room and is able to move his head to reach the hay bag for hay. Take extra bales of hay for the journey. About a bale a day will suffice. If you are going to cross state lines, make sure you have a travel health certificate from your vet stating your horse’s clearance to travel and updated vaccinations. Take enough food for your horse. Include one to two day’s extra food just in case the trip is extended. Don’t forget to carry any vet Pickerington, OH prescribed medications for your horse too. For more tips click here-


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