Picking Up Your Cat

Picking up your cat seems pretty straightforward but without care, you could injure your cat. Before attempted to pick up your cat, ensure that she wants to be picked up. A hissing cat with an arched back probably wants to be left alone. However, a purring kitty rubbing against your legs is ready to be picked up. Use one hand under your cat’s chest just behind the front legs and when lifting, use the other hand and arm to support her back end. Keep your cat horizontal and be prepared to put her on a safe surface if she starts wriggling away. Never pick up your cat by a limb, her tail, the scruff of the neck or even the front legs as you might pick up a human baby. These methods could cause injury. Act efficiently and pick up your cat with confidence. For more information, contact your Longview, TX veterinarian. Click this link for additional details:


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