My Dogs Fight When They Eat Food

Do you own multiple dogs? Are they good when they eat together or are they fighting over who eats what and when? Feeding multiple dogs at the same time can be a problem for some dog breeds or for some dog owners. One of the ways you can handle this is to feed your dog in separate rooms. If possible, split the dogs up and feed them in a room that is blocked off from the other rooms. If this isn’t possible, try feeding your dogs at different areas in the same room. Stand between them to make sure they don’t cross to the other dog’s area. Use a spray bottle and squirt the dog if he tries to bother the other dog while eating. You could also feed each dog in a crate. That way they are locked up and you don’t have to stand there with them. Call your Dale City, VA veterinary clinic for more tips. Or set an appointment at this website.


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