Keeping your Guinea Pig Cool

Do you own a guinea pig? If so, did you know it’s important to make sure your guinea pig stays cool and comfortable throughout the warmer summer months? It’s ideal to keep your guinea pig indoors in the A/C or with a fan for coolness. Just be sure the cage is not in the direct airflow path so your guinea pig doesn’t get too much cool air at once (which can cause illness). Provide your guinea pig with plenty of fresh cool water. If needed, attach two water bottles to the cage to ensure he doesn’t run low on water during the day when you’re not at home. Feeding your guinea pig chilled pieces of fruit is also another way to keep him cool and comfortable. If you notice your guinea pig is acting oddly or not moving around as much, call your vets Sugar Land, TX as the guinea pig could be overheated. For more details click here-


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