Snake Bites and Dogs

If you take your dog on trail walks through the woods or in areas with overly tall grass, be on the lookout for snakes. If your dog is on leash move him away from overgrowth and stay on the open paths. If your dog is off leash, keep up with him to ensure he doesn’t get into trouble. Dogs like to chase things that catch their attention including snakes. Possible snake bites may occur on the legs, the head, the nose and face, or on the sides of the body. If the snake was venomous your dog may show symptoms including dilated pupils, muscle weakness, drooling, vomiting, etc. If possible, get a good look at the snake so you can describe it to the vet to determine if the snake was poisonous. Identifying the snake isn’t a must but can be helpful. Consult with your New Tulsa, OK veterinarian to learn more about treatment options. Or click this site:


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