Treating Minor Cuts on Cats

If your cat likes to play outdoors then he has most likely come back inside with some type of cut on his legs, paws or his nose or face. Cats have a tendency to get themselves into some tight situations. They either fight with prey or other animals or squeeze through places that are much too small resulting in minor cuts and scrapes. For minor cuts follow these steps for treatment. If the area is bleeding, cover it with a cloth or bandage to stop the bleeding. Next, wash the wound with a warm cloth, soap and water or a pet wound cleanser like Vetericyn. Apply a vet approved anti-bacterial cream. Watch the cut over the next couple of days to ensure it is healing and no infection is developing. Irritation and redness are good indications of an infection and will need vet attention. For major cuts, please speak with your vet New Tulsa, OK immediately.


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