Potty Accidents May Be Caused By A Cat’s Issues With The Litter Box

Cats are fussy creatures and they can have a lot of issues with their litter box that can cause them to avoid using it and eliminate somewhere else. If your pet has been committing potty accidents frequently, it is time to identify what is causing your pet’s undesirable behavior. Start by taking a closer look at your pet’s litter box for it may yield important clues to explain your pet’s behavior. Some important reasons include the following:

Litter box design

There are many types of litter boxes to choose from. Most cats don’t like doing their thing in a covered litter box because they can be vulnerable to possible attacks from dominant cats. It is also their instinct to stay in a place where they can keep an eye on their surroundings. 

Litter type

Cat litter is available in various texture, composition, and even scent. Many cats hate scented litter because it is too strong for their keen sense of smell. If you like to switch your pet’s litter to a different one, do it gradually to give time for your pet to get used to the new litter. 

Any change in your pet’s elimination habits should be checked out by your Chattanooga, TN vet. Read more here.


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