Aggressive Behavior In Pet Reptiles

Reptiles are still considered wild animals even those that are now kept as pets. Compared to dogs and cats which have been domesticated for a long time, many reptiles are caught in the wild and sold as pets although there are now many that are bred and raised in captivity. Being creatures of the wild, pet reptiles still possess a strong instinct to display aggressive behavior as a protective instinct. Thus, when your pet reptile becomes aggressive, don’t assume that it is directed towards you. If your pet reptile displays aggression frequently, it’s time to identify what triggers the attack so the problem can be addressed. Here are some common causes of aggressive behavior in pet reptiles:

In the presence of a perceived threat, a reptile becomes aggressive as an instinctive protective behavior. 

When the animal is startled by sudden movements in their surroundings.

Reptiles possess a very strong territorial instinct. Any threat to their territory can trigger displays of aggression. 

Some reptile species are just more aggressive than others. They won’t hesitate to strike when a threat is perceived. 

Aggressive behavior is often displayed by adult reptiles during the mating season.

Talk with your vet Chattanooga, TN if you are having problems with your pet’s behavior.


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