Fish is a Cat's Favorite

If you own a cat then you are probably familiar with how much cats love their fish! Cats are carnivores primarily and that means they love their meats especially fish! Cats love a variety of fish including tuna and salmon. Just be careful how much you feed your cat. Like many foods, there is a downside and you can feed your cat too much of a good thing. For instance, keep tuna, swordfish, and salmon on a controlled amount because of their high mercury content. Substitute or alternate these fish with other types like cod, trout, catfish, halibut, perch and mackerel. These have lower mercury content. As a whole, fish is very healthy for your feline friend. It’s high in protein, vitamin B and omega 3 fatty acids that help heart, skin and brain health. Ask your Lafayette, LA vet for suggestions on how to feed your cat more fish and what kinds to feed.

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