Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for a cool summertime treat to feed your feline friend then slice some watermelon. Cats can have pieces of watermelon in moderation. They actually love the melon because of its water content. The sweetness doesn’t hurt either, but cats can’t actually taste or tell if something is sweet. The use their tongues to differentiate texture and some flavors, but not sweetness. It’s the water that draws cats to watermelon. It’s cool and moist and it can help hydrate them throughout the day along with fresh water from a bowl. Watch out for seeds. Make sure you pick out any black or white seeds before sharing. Even check the ‘seedless’ watermelon as these often contain white seeds and an occasional black seed. Avoid feeding your cat the rind as well. Digesting the rind can cause stomach upset. For more ideas, talk with your veterinarian Lafayette, LA.


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