Your Reptile’s Lighting Needs

Snakes and lizards and other type of reptiles need the proper lighting to meet their unique needs. Do your research. Learn what type of lighting and what temperatures are recommended for your pet. Some lights simulate a daylight environment. This makes it easier to watch your reptile in its enclosure too. Other lighting provides heat. Since reptiles are cold-blooded, they cannot regular their own body temperature and you will need to provide a constant, consistent temperature. Keep several thermometers in the enclosure to monitor the temperature. Avoid hot spots, which could injure your pet. Consider purchasing additional lighting that gives off heat without light for nighttime use. Your reptile still needs to keep warm but these lights provide a more natural environment for your pet. And you won’t need to leave the daytime lights on all night, which could disturb family members. For more information, contact your Anderson, IN veterinarian.


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