Overnight Stays with your Hedgehog

It’s not every day that you travel overnight with your hedgehog. However, if you and your family are going to stay at a relative’s house this summer or your kids are spending the summer with Grandma then it may be necessary to travel overnight with your hedgehog. If you will be staying overnight at a hotel or campground prior to reaching your destination, call ahead to make sure the hedgehog is welcome. A hotel may not advertise specifically that exotic pets are welcome so call and explain your situation in case they make an exception or make decisions on a case by case basis. When you do travel, keep your hedgehog in a smaller cage while in the car and at hotels. Only take in the necessary food and water needed to avoid leaving behind any extra you will need later. Carry a copy of vet records. You can get a copy by calling your pet clinic Louisville, CO.


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