Walking Your Cat on the Road

Different breeds of cats actually enjoy being in a harness or on a leash and going for walks. If you walk your cat, choose places that are safe for both you and your cat. Avoid roadways as there is often low visibility for you and automobiles. If you walk on the road in your neighborhood where there is less traffic, walk against traffic and give the right of way to the cars. It’s true that in many places the right of way belongs to you the pedestrian, but it’s generally safer to move off the side of the road an allow the car to pass. Avoid busy roadways or highways. If you have to walk on a road, use a sidewalk. If there’s no sidewalk walk far enough on the shoulder that you are away from traffic. Drive to a safe place to walk your cat (i.e. trails, park, etc.). For more tips, call your veterinarian Roanoke, VA.


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