How to Make the Cage More Comfortable for an Aging Rat

Life can get hard for an aging rat, but that doesn’t mean it has to be harder than it needs to be! Here are some tips for keeping your aging furry friend comfortable.

First, place everything in the cage on one level. That includes the food bowl, water bottle, and nesting box. As a rat ages, his back legs become stiff and sore. By keeping everything on one level, he doesn’t have to go on a strenuous adventure every time he gets hungry.

Even if your rat’s back legs are causing him problems, he may still want to do a little exploring. Make it easier for him to get from level to level by covering the ramps with cloth.

Make sure there are plenty of cozy places for him to rest too! For more ideas, click here, or plan a visit with your veterinarian Cy-Fair.


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