Preventing FeLV in Cats Like the Manx

Did you know that the FeLV virus in cats stands for the Feline Leukemia Virus? There is no cure for this virus. It affects cats like the Manx and other breeds. It is not contagious to people or other animals. FeLV is the second leading cause of death in cats with trauma being the number one cause of death. The FeLV virus causes anemia and lymphoma in cats. It is often transmitted through saliva, blood, and bodily fluids. FeLV weakens the immune system which can make the cat susceptible to other illnesses and infections. The only way to prevent FeLV is to have your cat vaccinated. You can also keep him indoors and reduce his risk of coming in contact with an infected cat. You should have your cat tested yearly to ensure there is no presence of FeLV. For more information, contact your veterinarians Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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