Why your cat may not show that she's sick

Your cat may enjoy the time you spend with her immensely, and she may trust you quite a bit. However, she may still hide symptoms of sickness from you. Why would she do this?

Your pet has the instinctual need to appear strong at all times. This stems from a desire to always seem intimidating to a predator that may be stalking her. However, since she needs you to care for her, this behavior can be a bit counterintuitive in your home. Because of this, you will need to make sure you are keeping a close eye on your pet and are able to identify the traits that will allow you to identify the fact that she isn’t feeling well. If you think your pet’s sick, bring her in for an evaluation right away as cats are often sicker than they appear to be. Your best vets Marietta, GA can help you better understand what your pet needs from you.


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