Household Products That Are Poisonous To Cats

Many pet owners are unaware that more than 5% of poisoning cases in cats are caused by exposure to household cleaners. The most common products that contain ingredients that are toxic to cats include glass cleaners, rust-removal agents, toilet bowl cleaners and even oven cleaners which are often used in many households. Toxicity symptoms can also be accompanied by damage to major organs of the body and formation of ulcers in the skin, mouth and eyes. 

There are also other products that are commonly used around the home that can be potentially toxic to cats, like glow sticks, deodorizers, aromatherapy products, and even air fresheners

Pesticides and insecticides that are used in and around the home can also contain ingredients that can be toxic to pets. Organophosphate is a common ingredient in many of these products. 

Call your Mt. Airy, MD veterinary clinic if you think your pet has had any exposure to items that are potentially toxic. 


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