How Long Should A Dog Stay Inside His Crate?

Even if pet dogs are used to staying inside their crates, they can only stay inside for only a few hours at a time. As a rule of thumb, it should exceed 1 hour for each month of a dog’s age. Before and after spending time in his crate, it is recommended to give your pooch at least an hour of exercise or any form of physical activity to burn excess energy so he will be calm and relax while inside the crate. If you have to place your dog inside a crate when you leave the house, you should get him used to spending time inside the crate for a specific amount of time that is recommended for the age he is in. A dog that has not undergone proper crate training can panic and may cause damage to the crate and injure himself. Before placing your pet inside the crate, always remember to remove his collar for it can get caught on something, and may choke him.

Talk to your Plano, TX vet to make sure that your dog is receiving the right amount of exercise that he needs to stay in tip-top shape.

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