Keeping Your Outdoors Cat Indoors

Your outdoor cat will probably live a shorter life than her indoor counterparts. Outdoor cats are injured in fights or by cars and exposed to diseases and parasites. Thus the kindest thing is to keep your cat indoors. Lure your cat indoors to eat as a first step. Feed her all meals indoors but let her go outside when she is done eating. Introduce your cat to the litter box and encourage her to use it. Set up an eating/drinking station and a bed. Give your cat fun toys to play with. Provide window perches to enjoy the sunshine and peruse her new territory. Increase your cat’s inside time gradually and try a few overnight stays. At some point, decide that your cat will never go outside again. Secure windows and doors and ensure that your cat can’t slip outside. Eventually your cat will adapt to indoor life. Learn more from your vet clinic Downey, CA.


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