Cow Care - What Is TMR?

Nutrition is very important to the overall health and performance of dairy cows. Although hay and grasses make up a good part of their daily food intake, they will also need essential nutrients that they can get from eating grain, corn silage, and other types of concentrates. Thus, animal nutritionists have come up with the so-called total mixed ration (TMR) to help ensure that the cows’ optimum nutrition. 

Cows can be picky with their food, too. They tend to sort through their meal, picking out their favorite components, like the grain. Thus, with TMR, feed is mixed and ground together so cows don’t have any choice but to eat everything. Some ingredients that are incorporated in TMR include beets, cottonseeds, brewer’s and distiller’s grains, almond hulls, citrus pulp, and molasses. 

Your Westminster, MD veterinarian is a valuable source of information about your cow’s nutritional needs. 


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