Hiring A Pet Sitter – Things To Consider

In addition to being someone whom you can entrust your dog’s care and safety, the person should also be someone whom you can fully rely on, considering that he/she will be visiting your home several times a day, or be staying in your house while you are traveling. There are also other important concerns that you take into consideration when hiring a pet sitter. These include the persons training, experiences, and qualifications. Also, the person should be highly recommended by other pet owners who have availed of his services. As an added precautionary measure, the pet sitter should also be bonded to protect your property against damage and/or theft. There should also be a written proof of commercial liability insurance in case of accidents. You should also ask the pet sitter to update you on a daily basis so you will know how your pet is doing. Make sure to leave the contact details of your Westminster, MD veterinarian for any situation that may require veterinary attention.


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