Why Dogs Should Not Be Given Cat Food And Vice Versa

The importance of giving a species-specific diet cannot be overemphasized. Cats are true carnivores while dogs are omnivores, which means they differ in their dietary needs. In order to thrive, cats should have a meat-based diet because they have specific needs for certain nutrients. This is an important reason why cat food should never be given to pet dogs, and dog food should never be given to cats. 

Pet cats and dogs should eat a premium quality diet that is appropriate for the lifestage that they are in. There is no single pet food that can meet the nutritional needs of all lifestages because each lifestage differ in their needs for total calorie intake, energy, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Dogs that are given cat food may eventually pile on the pounds, while cats that are given dog food have higher risks of developing specific nutritional deficiencies. 

Any change in your pet’s dietary habits should be brought to the attention of your veterinarians westminster md


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