Finding Lumps and Bumps on Your Dog

You may discover unusual lumps and bumps on your dog as you brush or handle him. You may fear that these lumps and bumps are cancer. Although there are lots of reasons for lumps, you should seek medical attention to rule out cancer. Soft and movable lumps are most likely fatty tumors. However, you have no way of knowing exactly what they are without a needle biopsy. Generally, fatty tumors can be left alone unless they cause your dog discomfort, impedes movement or they are disturbing to look at. If a lump is cancerous, your dog will need treatment. A lump can also form at a plugged oil gland to form a sebaceous cyst. These cysts may rupture and drain or remain intact. You can ignore these cysts unless they become infected or cause irritation. Most importantly, contact your vet Downey, CA to learn for evaluation and guidance for treatment. 


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