Dangers of Obesity In Pets

Did you know that more than 50% of the dog population in the US is obese or overweight? Indeed, obesity has become an epidemic, increasing the risk of affected to serious health problems. This is a very important reason why pet owners should keep a close eye on their pets’ diet. Overweight and obese dogs have been shown to have a lifespan that is 2.5 years lesser than the average. These dogs also have higher risks of developing heart and respiratory problems, kidney disease, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer. 

Carrying excess weight can put unnecessary pressure on the dog’s body-supporting joints. This can cause early deterioration of the joints eventually paving the way for arthritis. Inflamed joints can be very painful, and affected dogs can have mobility problems. There may also be a significant loss of flexibility, making it difficult for obese cats to groom themselves completely.

Weight management of pets is an important issue that you should talk over with your Westminster, MD vet. Click here.


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