Boxers and Snake Bites

Do you own a playful canine? Does he love to play outdoors and go exploring? If your Boxer comes in contact with a snake he will either leave it alone or try and play with it. If possible, try to distract your Boxer’s attention away from the snake. If the snake attacks and bites your Boxer, call your vet immediately. It’s a good rule of thumb to know what types of snakes are common to your area so you can narrow down what type attacked your dog. If you saw the snake, write down a description for reference later. Another good rule to live by is if you’re going to be out in the woods or places where snakes roam, keep your dog on a leash to help ensure his safety. If your dog is bit, do not apply a tourniquet and do not attempt to suck the venom out. Always notify your veterinarians Shreveport, LA right away.  

More tips can be found at your Jimmie Davis Hwy Animal Hospital.


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